About Klindex

About Klindex

Klindex Italy Manufacturers and Designs Floor Machines, Diamond Tools, Equipment, Products to Grinding, Polishing, Restoration, Cleaning any kind of floor or surface. Made in Italy Products with The Best Quality Materials


Klindex was founded by Ercole and Enio Bibiano in 1988The Bibiano brothers, with over 20 years of experience in the sale of machines for the cleaning industry, perfected and patented their new system for grinding and polishing natural stone using the synthetic diamond pads technology. At first it wasn’t easy to introduce this new technology, because the customers were reluctant to believe that such innovation could improve upon the tried and proved method geared around the traditional heavy grinding machines.


After a few years, however, thanks to the results and testimonials coming in from early customers, skepticism began fading to the point that the KLINDEX SYSTEM is now recognized as arguably “the best system for grinding and polishing all kinds of natural stones.” In a remarkably short period of time, contractors and fabricators from all over the world have been having a great deal of success with the Klindex floor care systems. Official recognition of the Bibiano’s achievement came in the form of the coveted NOMINATION FOR THE MOST INNOVATIVE PRODUCT AWARD conferred to Klindex at the Amsterdam Interclean 2000 Convention for the monobrush UNIKA. This nomination has been ackonowledged again on 2004 with "IDRAULIKUS".

Klindex is still working very hard to improve its products, and it continually invests time and money in research and development in order to offer the best machines available to a world-wide customers

Thanks to its competence, KLINDEX assures to its customers efficient and good services. Moreover, thanks to the cooperation between Klindex and its customers, all the market demands are satisfied. All the projects are studied and  supported by KLINDEX  with up-to-date  programs. Recently KLINDEX has reached another goal: the certification UNI EN ISO 9001: 2000 for  “ DESIGN, PRODUCTION, SALE OF CLEANING AND GRINDING MACHINES”.


Klindex regularly  collaborate with the University of L’Aquila and with its department of Energy for researches activities. Every year creates new Engineers.  Klindex is very attentive to the ecological impact. For this reason, all the researches are finalized to use ecological materials  with no noxious residue.


Products of Klindex are: 


Floor Grinding & Polishing Machines - professional Floor Grinding and Polishing machines for any kind of floor (marble, conrete, granite and more)  

Industrial Vacuum Cleaners - Industrial Dust Extractors/Collectors to vacuum large quantities of dust as: plaster, cement and more 

Easy Kit for Easy Transport - Tool boxes available for any machine and for any application (marble, conrete, wood, granite and more) 

Special Machines for special application - Countertops, Stairs, Small Surfaces, Walls & Columns, Tombstones, Corners & Edges and more 

Wood and HardWood Sanding Machines - professional Sanders for Wood and HardWood floors, countertops, small areas, corners and edges 

Single DiscFloor care Machines -professional floor machines for Restoration, Maintenance, Polishing, Treatment any kind of floor 

Special Products & Chemicals - Protecting, Maintenance, Improving the shine, Cleaning, Sealing, Waterproofing, anti-slipping and more 

Polishing Powders & Creams - special Products for Polishing and Restoration of Marbles, Terazzo, Granite, Mosaic, Palladiana, Gres and more


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