About Us

About Us

“Granitex” company was established in 2004 in Sofia. It has its own manufacturing and warehouse base situated in the city of Konstinbrod on an area of approximately 3000 sq.m. It has subsidiary offices and warehouses in Nadezhda housing complex - Sofia. It imports and maintains marble, granite, limestone, onyx, mosaics and various stone articles from Greece, Turkey, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Brazil, India, China and other countires in a variety of colours.

The company offers its customers manufacturing of articles according to individual projects and details as well as design, consulting, delivery and installation. The articles include floorings, tiling, kitchen plots, bar plots, window sills, bathroom panels and tiling, stairs, different types of frames, sills, lining for fireplaces, friezes, tables, mosaics and many other interior and exterior solutions. Each service includes a choice of material, prefabrication and installation of the relevant articles. The company aims to provide the most proper contact with customers and satisfy their desires.

Additionally, the company offers solutions for ventilated facades, carried out according to the investor’s project, and also innovative contemporary solutions. The company also offers restoration, maintenance, washing, prepolishing, sealing of various surfaces of marble, granite, limestone, onyx and various stone articles.

The company motto is "We make everything possible".

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